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After descending from Himalayan Mountains Shree Swamiji had been imparting Samarpan Meditation teachings in Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim for number of years. In 1999 on invitation from a social worker He conducted first Meditation Workshop in Nagpur then in Mumbai (State of Maharashtra, India) and in 2000 He was invited to Navsari (State of Gujarat, India) where the first workshop in the state of Gujarat was organized.

After completion of Navsari Meditation workshop, one day Swamiji along with some sadhaks (meditation students) went to the sea shore of Dandi (13 km's from Navsari) for Meditation, during this meditation session a picture of "OM" appeared in the sky formed by clouds. OM is a symbol which represents everything (entire universe), the sound formed during the creation of universe. With this incident Swamiji understood that this is the place where His Gurus wants to establish the Ashram and one of sadhak from nearby village generously donated 70 acres of land for the Ashram near the Dandi sea shore.

Samarpan International Ashram is located in a natural environment along the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is filled with tremendous positive energy which affects on every individual visiting the place and the surroundings. This energy has effect on everything even the plant planted there grows at much faster rate compared to other place. One can easily achieve balance and good state of meditation in this ideal environment in the presence of Satguru.

The construction of the full fledge Ashram is an on going activity. Currently a portion from entire Ashram area is selected and developed. It was inaugurated by Shree Swamiji on 8th Nov 2005 during Chaitanya Mahotsava (Festival of Consciousness) The present facilities includes :

  • Shree Swamiji's Kutir
  • Meditation & Discourse Hall
  • Sadhak's Kutir
  • Yagyna Shala
  • Ashram Office
  • Bhojanalaya
  • Nandini Goushala
  • To know further about Samarpan Ashram please visit www.SamarpanAshram.org

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